United Kingdom Escape Artist 


The Mick Hanzlik Award

Mick Hanzlik was a master locksmith, escapologist and expert on all things Houdini. Mick was a member of the U.K.E.A and is sadly missed by the members. We created this award to Honour Mick and his involvement with the group and the artform.  

The Winners List

2020 - Andy Robertson

2019 - Tim Houlton

2018 - Andy Robertson

2017 - Allan and Rebecca Taylor

2016 - Stuart Burrell

The David De-Val Award

David De-Val was a master escape artist and magician from the UK, over his career he escaped from handcuffs and other restraints, as well as performing many spectacular escapes, many of which were from prison cells.

The Winner List

2020 - Allan Taylor

2019 - Chris Gower

2018 - Andy Robertson